Training Centre and Training Activities
Avant-garde believes training is the single most important factor to differentiate its employees from others. Training helps to change the attitude of a normal person and bring discipline in his various activities. Training makes a man skilled to understand and perform a job with greater efficiency.
Beside the professional subjects, subjects for individual character building, personality development, manners and etiquette etc. are also included so that trainees first become a gentleman and then become a security Guard.
Our training centre has both outdoor and indoor training facilities and the accommodation facility of 50 trainees in one batch. The training centre is kept near the corporate business office so that the office staff can easily supervise the activities of the training centre. The experienced training team of Avant-garde is led by its Managing Director who has the experience of supervising at least 80 batches of Guard training of Aegis Services Limited (Square Group) while acting as Director and functional head of the company. He also has a track record of working as instructor in different institution in Bangladesh Army. The company is selective in appointing training staff and ensures that they are highly experienced with previous exposure in security industry.
Avant-garde provides 4-week training which includes 1-week induction training at post. However, 2-week training is provided to the trainee who has previous experience of working in any security company for 6 months or above.
Training Syllabus:
Considering the requirement on security job, the following main subjects have been incorporated in training syllabus:
Basic knowledge on various security procedures
  Safety issues like electrical safety, fire safety, firefighting, etc
  Administration and management
  Customer service
  Physical and self-defense training
Training Packages:
Initial training is organized for a period of 4 weeks including one week of induction training. However 2 weeks training is provided for the employees having previous experience of more than six months.
Training is provided to supervisors to impart them the basics of administration and organizational skill to enable them to manage guards.
Capsule training is provided for those individuals who have lack of knowledge on some special subject. Besides, capsule training is also organized as corrective training to develop the standard or knowledge of the ground force based on clients’ specific feedback.
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